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Events and Awards

Our latest news

  • Green Design Innovation Competition- Cyprus

    On the occasion of the Regional Summer Art, Culture and Beauty Exhibition, FOC DESIGN in partnership with CEDARS PAVILLON are launching Green Design Innovation Competition.

    FOC DESIGN and CEDARS PAVILLON are committed to encouraging the next generation to become passionate about the quality of design for health and social care settings.

    We partner with Cedars Pavilion to celebrate the opportunities for innovation and experimentation and to bring together interior design students from different universities to share their creative ideas.

    Here are the Three main categories:

    - Institutional (cultural, government/municipal spaces, libraries)
    - Public Spaces & Commercial Lobbies
    - Showrooms & Exhibition Spaces 

    Shortlisted Universities are

    -University of Balamand-Lebanon
    -American University of Science and Technology-Lebanon
    -University of Nicosia-Cyprus
    -Freshart College of Arts-Cyprus

    For more info regarding the competition guidelines, kindly send an email to



    Meet the 2023 Jury Panel