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Multipurpose and Adaptability



    Zico house is a heritage building in Beirut known as a cultural space that host experimental artists. And like many other buildings in Beirut, it was affected through the years by war and recently Beirut blast.

    Zico house renovation was made possible through the support of the ESDU-AUB (Environment and Sustainable Development Unit at the American University of Beirut) , LLWB (Lebanese League For Business) and the Food Heritage Foundation which they chose it as their urban agricultural hub for Ardi Ardak initiative. Launched on 2020, it aims to revive the food security sector in Lebanon and help small scale producers and farmers especially rural women by promoting sustainable agricultural practice and facilitating the access to healthy local produce for urban consumers. 

    However, maintaining the building's original character was not easy and being built long time ago has lack in energy saving features. 

    We also created more functional interior spaces for conferences and urban farming training. 

    Several boxes made of reclaimed wood shift function and place from table to extra seating, while initial seating hide storage space underneath.

    Track Led lights and spot lights illuminate the area while respecting the beauty of the traditional house and high ceiling.